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Caravan Towing Safety

- a survey on safety knowledge and use of towing accessories


Market Research data was sought for establishing the commercial potential of a new technology product for measuring the effect of a trailer (caravan) on a tow car and informing the driver. A survey was run at the Boat Caravan and Leisure Show, held at the NEC Birmingham. The questionnaire employed was designed to help assess the safety and technical awareness of the caravanning public. Whilst most replies were received from members of caravanning clubs, they nevertheless represent a majority of the caravanning public.

It was found that whilst caravanners had reasonable knowledge of these issues in general, there was definitely room for improvement. Importantly it was found that rarely was the laden weight of the caravan known accurately, despite many knowing its importance. Caravanners are quite used to the idea of accessories to improve towing safety, particularly in the form of the stabiliser. The findings here indicate a high proportion use these devices and this market remains reasonably buoyant.

The idea of new technology was of high interest to the respondents, who would be prepared to pay a significant price for this type of product. Over 90% were interested in purchasing this type of product and over 25% would pay 200 plus. Also of note was interest shown in simpler products of the same nature but with less capability; in this case just noseweight...........................................

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