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Tow Wizard - Feasibility Overview

The project intentions were to check out the available components, their performance where necessary and put together various building blocks to assess the proposed concept’s viability. Certain aspects of the original plan were dropped or altered as time went on, but eventually a system was put together which successfully demonstrated most of the features claimed for Tow Wizard.

The project commenced by building a test rig (STR) to check out the suitability of rubber bushes from the transport industry as spring elements in the Tow Wizard 3 axis load sensor. The STR was ambitious in its performance expectation ..............sensor design based on capacitance proved to be excellent in its final microprocessor interfaced version. The four sensors produced noise free, stable data with high 16 bit resolution......... accelerometer from Memsic compatibility and low noise...... easy to use and stable in performance........................

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