Mercury switch replacement technology

Invasens has a number of concepts for mercury tilt switch replacement at the working prototype stage available for license or funded development. These alternative mercury free solutions are all low cost, but high performance  with volume production in mind. All feature frictionless operation with highly predictable switch points.

  1. Electronic logic level  switch for high reliability micro-controller interfacing 
  2. Low contact resistance, high current, mechanical tip-over switch 
  3. Single axis mechanical, high reliablity, miniature, high current design 

Common features

The friction free technology  results in switch point accuracy of better than 1 degree, typically 0.1 degree. Hysteresis of switch point is integral to the designs as is absense of contact bounce. For minimum production cost these designs are best realised in injection moulded plastic, although CNC production may be a viable option for low volume situations.

Download provisional specifications as pdf :-

electronic switch
tip-over switch
single axis mechanical